Board of Adjustment

The City of Grey Forest maintains a Board of Adjustment that reviews, evaluates and rules on appeals from enforcement of and special exceptions to the building and zoning ordinances, and authorizes variances from those zoning ordinances when not contrary to the public interest.  The Board of Adjustment meets only when a variance hearing is requested.

The process involved is in accordance with Ordinance 45B (section 8).  To summarize:

   a.   Before building or modifcations on your property, a permit application is required with all appropriate documentation as outlined in the ordinance.
   b.   Through the permit process, the building inspector determines the need for  variance which may include lot size, setbacks, and any other portion of the ordinance.  At this point, the building inspector will review all items needing a variance, not just lot size.
   c.   If the Building Inspector determines that a variance is required after by reviewing all of the needed documentation, then applications for variance can be made by the citzen.
   d.   An application for variance is submitted to the City Secretary with the same documents required to obtain a building permit with no distinction is made here  for the type of variance needed so all documentation is needed.
  e.   Appropriate notifications to surrounding residents for comments as required.
  f.   The Board of Adjustment hearing date is set and conducted.

The members of the Board of Adjustment are citzens of Grey Forest appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council.  The current members are:

  • Regular Members:
    • Freda Hoffman
    • Sue Peavy
    • Tom Crick
    • Sean Skaggs
    • Holly Thornton (Presiding Officer)
    • LeMoey Wiebush
  • Alternate Members:
    • Aurelia Scharnhorst
  • Secretary:
    • Shannan Knisley