Grey Forest Community Board

In September, 2014, the Scenic Loop Playground Club (SLPC) Board approached the City of Grey Forest to begin discussions in earnest to transition its property to the City.  The SLPC felt that the financial and physical responsibilities of maintaining the property and many of the activities would be better served by the City on behalf of all of the citizens of Grey Forest.   Over the next few months after the initial discussions, several SLPC membership meetings and open workshops with the City Council were held to discuss how this type of transition could be achieved.   As a result of this hard and thoughtful work by the Grey Forest City Council  and the SLPC Board.  This was not a hasty or forced action.  While there have been discussions of this type of agreement off and on for many years, the primary work to make this happen has occurred over a 14 month period.   The final agreement was reached, was appropriately approved by the SLPC Membership.  The City of Grey Forest accepted the agreement to purchase the property on November 24, 2015.

At that time, the City took ownership of the property with the following requirements:

The Scenic Look Playground Club property will remain intact as a wildlife sanctuary and a green space for educational and recreational use by citizens of Grey Forest, Texas. The property will not be sold or developed except for development that supports the goals of preservation and usage by citizens described above.

The property shall be governed by a board created by the City Council of Grey Forest, Texas which shall consist of land-owning residents of Grey Forest.

At that same meeting, Ordinance 215 was approved by City Council which established the creation of a board to oversee the property in accordance requirements of the sale.  This supervisory board is known as the Grey Forest Community Board.

The purpose and responsibilities of the Grey Forest Community Board include the following primary functions:

  • overseeing the operations of the property
  • planning, organizing and holding programs and activities
  • planning and budgeting property operations and maintenance in conjunction with the City budgeting process
  • executing the approved operations and maintenance activities
  • protecting the investment of the City
  • provide operations, financial and other reports as needed
  • manage volunteer activities for supporting the property/facilities

One of the primary tenets of the agreement is that the property and usages are established for use by all citizens of Grey Forest.

The  Grey Forest Community Board consists of 5 voting members that are all landowning citizens of the City of Grey Forest.  One of the members is a City Council member and the other 4 positions are appointed by the City Council from the citizenry and serve two year terms.  The Mayor serves as a nonvoting member of the Board.

We look forward to a long and worthwhile service to our citizens and community by working together with you.