The Old Scenic Loop Playground Club was created by Mr. Requa in 1928 from a part of his land.  The property was often used as a weekend retreat with small vacation houses. Since 1934, the property owners have been deeded the land adjacent to the creeks under the name of Scenic Loop Playground Club.  In the late 1930’s, through the Works Progress Administration, several dams were built including the Swimming Hole Dam, Twelve Foot Dam, and at least six small dams in Lee Creek and Helotes Creek.

This Scenic Loop Playground Club was incorporated as the City of Grey Forest in 1962.  The SLPC land was maintained by a community board and a small annual fee for membership for any resident wishing to use the property.  This land includes the swimming hole, all land adjacent to the creeks and ponds, the clubhouse land, the Triangle or Windmill Park, and at least six “pocket parks” allowing access to the creeks.

Grey Forest was designated a Wildlife Preserve June 6, 1978.  In the 1980’s, there was enough money in the SLPC treasury to fence the tennis courts, fix up the Clubhouse, and put a gate at the entrance of the swimming hole.  The Polo Field and pasture became the ball field and a fenced dog park.

In 2016, the city of Grey Forest acquired the deed of the Scenic Loop Playground and maintains all the properties.  Now, residents can apply for a green bracelet to wear when in the City of Grey Forest Parks.  Grey Forest Parkland Permits can also be purchased from City Hall for $100 for those in the ETJ. Non-resident annual permits are $350.