Cottage and Pavilion Rental

The Madla Natural Area is pleased to offer its historic properties and/or grounds for events or meetings. Please visit the park to view the various areas available.  To hold your event, please use one of these applications below. For questions, please use our contact form.

Large Group (more than 50 people) – Policies and Procedures (PDF) 

Small Group– Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Photography Permits

Photography Permit Required.

  • $40 for a single session
  • $200 for an annual pass are valid Jan 1 to Dec 31.
  • Film Permits are not available.
  • Drones are not allowed due to wildlife.

A photo permit is required for all professional photography.  Professional photographers include persons who receive compensation for their work. This includes persons whose occupation is photography, as well as those who receive monetary or non-monetary compensation. Professional photography also includes any photography sessions that use professional cameras, reflectors, tripods, other equipment, costumes, or staging regardless of whether or not the photographer is compensated.

To pay for a photography permit, click here.



But I’m not a professional. If you receive compensation to take photographs you are considered a professional photographer for the purposes of this permit.

Do I need to schedule the shoot at the Madla Natural Area? No. It is a public park.

What if I have several groups that I will shoot throughout the day? Each group will require a permit. The annual permit covers unlimited photo sessions.

Who purchases the permit – the client or the photographer? The photographer. If you are the client, please consult your photographer.

Is there a military discount? Not at this time.

How about filming? Film permits are not available.

Madla Nature Area Rules and Regulations per the State of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department & Edwards Aquifer Authority:


NO Rice, Confetti, Flower Petals, Candy, Glitter, Cascarones or other like items are permitted.

NO candles, bonfires, fireworks or any other type of open flame are permitted.

Dressing room area is limited to the public restroom near the Pavilion. The Cottage may be rented at additional cost. Please see webpage.

 DO NOT pick flowers, break tree limbs, or disrupt natural habitats. Stay only on the paths.

Take only pictures, leave only footprints.