GFU Notice of Change in Water Billing Rates

GFU Notice of Change Water Billing Rates

This notice is to inform you of an upcoming change in your billed water rates that will take effect July 1st, 2024.  On May 28th, 2024, an ordinance (2024-05-058) establishing the new rates was approved by the Grey Forest City Council. Prior to this rate change, rates for customers had not changed since August of 2008, approximately 16 years ago. In that time, as with almost everything, costs of operating and maintaining Grey Forest's Superior rated water system have steadily increased. The new tiered usage rate structure is designed to cover these costs, encourage conservation of a vital resource for the community, and manage future needs of the system. 

The new rate structure can be found in the 2024 ordinances that can be viewed at the following City of Grey Forest website link, in particular the rates are addressed in 
AP PENDIX "A" FEE SCHE DULE ARTICLE §A5.002 WATE R RATES (Adopted by Ord. No. 2024-05-58 on May 28, 2024) item (a) Rates for retail water services per billing. period.