Building Permits

Please contact City Secretary at City Hall before starting construction or improvements of any type on your property. City Ordinances can be located be found at Franklin Legal Publishing. Contact the City Secretary’s office, as the ordinance is subject to change.

Payment for a permit can be made online at The Payment Group
Before making a payment to the City of Grey Forest, be sure you have received a Permit Number and an estimated cost.

Solicitors Permit

If a soliciting organization utilizes more than one peddler, solicitor or individual performing any peddler, or solicitor activity within the city’s territory within the same city fiscal year, the soliciting organization shall be required to apply for a soliciting organization permit and pay a separate fee. The issuance of a soliciting organization permit and the required fee shall be in addition to any individual permit issued to a peddler, solicitor or individual performing any peddler, or solicitor activity on behalf of the soliciting organization. Each such soliciting organization permit and fee shall be an annual permit and fee and need only be submitted and approved once per applicable city fiscal year. Click here for Solicitors Permit Application

Garage Sale Permit

Garage, yard, and estate sales (not more than two per year). A permit for each garage, yard and estate sale is required to be obtained through the City. Click here for Garage Sale Permit.

Tree Permit Requirements

Tree permits. Any person or business that, for payment, remuneration, or any other form of compensation, trims or removes oak trees shall obtain a permit prior to any trimming, de-mossing, or removal of any oak tree in the city or ETJ. Click here for a Tree Permit Application.

Building Permit Requirements (Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing, HVAC, Driveway, Sewer)
To reference the 2021 International Building Code visit this site: 2021 International Building Code (IBC) 

Building permits are mandatory on any and all construction in the City in accordance with adopted building codes and all City ordinances and codes unless an exception is specified in this ordinance. Building permits are valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance. One six month extension may be granted at no additional fee for the same construction project. Extensions beyond this period will require a variance from the Board of Adjustment.

Permit Application

All applications for building permits shall be accompanied by a platted site plan drawn to scale with actual dimensions of property, setbacks, location of wells and septic systems, construction and foundation plans, use of property, applicable septic system permit if required by Ordinance #19 and 20, and such other information and plans necessary for the building inspector to review and approve the site and construction plans before construction begins and to provide for enforcement of all regulations. Permit application

Plan Review and Execution

Upon receipt of permit application, fees, and associated plats and plans, the Building Inspector will review the plans for completeness and compliance with building codes, lot sizes, setbacks, or any other portion of this ordinance. All construction is prohibited until the Building Inspector approves the plans and/or the Board of Adjustment grants a variance in writing. If in compliance, the Building Inspector may approve the construction to commence. If approved, the construction may commence in accordance with the approved plans and required inspections. At the discretion of the Building Inspector, the construction may be stopped if the construction deviates from the plan or fails inspections.

Permit Fees

Fees associated with each permit can be found on the City’s Code of Ordinance or on back of the Construction Permit Fee application. For the most updated fee contact the City Secretary’s Office at (210) 695-3261.

Variance Requirements

Any regulations concerning building codes, lot sizes, setbacks, or any other portion of this ordinance that are not met will require an approved variance from the Board of Adjustment. Upon determination of the Building Inspector that a variance is required, applications for variances of the Building and Zoning regulations on property shall be in accordance with all ordinances and requirements of the City. Application for variance shall be submitted to the City Secretary and be accompanied by the fee designated by Amendment to Ordinance #158 for City Services and the same documents required to obtain a building permit. The Board of Adjustment will conduct a public hearing and provide judgment on the Variance request.

Plat Application

Please reference the Code of Ordinances. Please click for application.

Costs for Permits
Master Fee Schedule
Costs/Fees are subject to change.